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I help successful people find peace so they can truly enjoy their lives.

Tonya Denler

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I became a certified life coach through the Life Coach School in April 2019.  Becoming a life coach changed me and changed my life.  I was able to find peace in many difficult situations and I can show you how too.  I was introduced to life coaching during one of the hardest times of my life and coaching made my life bearable by changing my way of thinking.  Coaching made such a difference in my life that I want to share it with everyone I can.  I have been privileged to work with Alison J. Prince as a momentum coach since 2020.  Momentum coaching is the best job I have ever had and it fills me with purpose and fulfillment.  I am truly grateful to share what I love and watch the members live their dreams!   I am a mom of three amazing kids that will all be in college this fall!  I have a great life in Mesa, AZ where I am very blessed and working on creating the life I want everyday.


What’s Being Said

Tonya has coached me through one of the most pivotable years of my life.  She gave me the confidence I needed to take massive action towards my goals and major pivot in my business.  I honestly couldn't have done it without her coaching, guidance, and most importantly accountability.  She's helped me through the highs and lows, the scary leaps of faith, and given me real tools to work through my limited beliefs and self sabotaging tendencies.  She's been invaluable to me and I can't recommend her coaching enough!

Are you that person who's overly confident and thinks to yourself, "Is this person really going to be able to help me? I'm smart. I made it this far without much coaching. Is this going to be a waste of time?" Well I hate to admit, that was me. After a couple sessions into my coaching with Tonya, I had changed my home and made it MY space after 10 years of just thinking how much I dislike my living space; I was on the verge of selling. And really, was it just that easy to have someone give me permission to make this change? Many times when I thought my process of evaluating something was pretty good, if not totally correct (LOL!), Tonya would come up with a brilliant phrase, idea, or new way to process information so that I saw something in a new "light". And THAT significantly took pressure off my shoulders, reduced my stress, and gave me more power and confidence in myself because I had better tools to move toward my goals and relationships. So, I was wrong, I don't have it all figured out perfectly, Tonya was ready for me, she does care about my life, and she is committed to improving herself along the way. 

Dr. Jason Godo

In working with Tonya for the last year, I have gained a sense of refocus and clarity to move me towards my life goals, both personally and professionally.  Her ability to communicate with integrity and be observing without judgment is on point.  Tonya has a gift of being able to motivate me within a genuine framework of encouraging my curiosity.

S. Sulhoff

Janine Mix

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